Fahrenheit 451

I´m sorry I couldn´t write any earlier, but I was sick. I´m supposed to write about the english theatre we watched on thursday. I think it was good that we read the book before we watched the play. This way I think we understood a lot more and also were familiar with the characters. The people from the other courses sometimes had problems with some things. They didn´t know what the dog was for, what exactly happened when the handy-man helped Mildred or what the parlour walls and the music were for. Some things just were hard to understand for them. Don´t you also think the actors were great? My favorite character was Millie. You couldn´t tell if they were American or German, because their english was very good.

Well, I think all of you should tell me about your oppinion, so maybe we can have a discussion about the play. Thanks for commenting in advance!


Ninalein hat gesagt…

Hallo Melissa,
I also think, that it was quite impossible to understand the play if you hadn't read the book (or a good summary of it) before.
What I didn't like was the decoration(was there any decoration?) of the stage, it was too abstract for me.
But I also agree with you that the actors were good, they acted in a very professional way and showed the emotions of the protagonists very well.

Anna:) hat gesagt…

Hello everybody!
I also liked the play because in my opinion it was very interesting and sometimes very funny,...especially the scene when Millie was in the room with the "Staubsauger". I also liked the fact that they created a fire engine by holding white and red lights, that was a very good idea.
I really liked to watch this play, in my opinion it was better than to read the book, but of course reading the book helped a lot to understand the theatre play.

Kerstin R hat gesagt…

I only can agree with you- it was good that we've read the book before we went to the theatre.
I also think that it was a good play and there were some really funny scenes. Like Mellisa said, Millie was very funny and, of course, the hoover was amazing. Sitting next to Anna ;-) you HAVE to laugh during the whole scene.
Well, the decoration was a bit simple, but I think it would be difficult having an imaginable decoration for this story, because it's playing in the future and there are many spacy objects used.
All together I enjoyed the play!
See you on monday!

rip hat gesagt…

First of all, thanks for your entry, Melissa, and thanks for the comments we've had so far.
Second: What you mean by "decoration" is - probably - stage set and properties, or, set and props in short.

(stage) set ~ 'Bühnenbild'
properties (short: props) ~ 'Requisiten'

Third: My impression was also very good, as far as the acting and the creative use of props is concerned. What I didn't like too much either was the door device (this foldable wall on wheels), and in one or two places the music was so loud that it was impossible to understand what the characters on stage were saying (e.g. in the hoover scene).
But apart from that, very good. Also the reduction of the whole novel down to a ninety-minute performance was very clever and did Bradbury's work justice, I think.

Birgit hat gesagt…

Hello everybody
I agree with all of you that the play was good and really funny.
But I heard that people who didn`t know the book didn`t like it, because it was really weird (the hound, the walls... like somebody (sorry I can`t remember who it was) said today..). I sat next to a person who haven`t read the book( she was from another course) and she asked me very often what`s going on and why.
I prefere reading the book, because in my opinion it is easier to understand what the story is supposed to say.

lemony snicket hat gesagt…

Uhu!! I absolutly agree with you. Uhu!! Millie definitly was my favorite character!! Uhu, she's really funny and smart, uhu!! ;-)
The character of Mildred was much better acted in the play than in the film. In fact, nearly every actor in the play was better than in the movie. Especially Clarisse's character as a outkast teenager was more convincing in the play than in the film!! I liked the play though it really would have been hard to understand if you didn't read the book! The only thing which really annoyed me was the horribel techno-music!! But the actor's talent actually made up for it... ;-)