Fahrenheit 451- movie

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So, here's my summary of Thursday's English lesson , which was a special one: We watched the movie version of Fahrenheit 451. I don't really know what to write about know, so I'll just tell you about my impressions of the film.
All in all I'd say the film is quite good and I liked most of the actors.
Clarisse and Linda are played by the same actress (or was I just imagining that?), which is a really interesting idea, although, in my opinion, Clarisse is too old and I didn't have the impression that she behaves strangely or much different to the other people.
(By the way, what I wanted to ask: isn't Linda called “Mildred“ in the novel? Or is that another one of my imaginations?).
Who I didn't like that much was Montag, because I think the actor doesn't express Montag's feelings that well. But we had to skip a passage and perhaps his desperation would have been shown there more clearly.
There are many clever details to be seen in the movie, like the newspaper Montag reads (with only pictures in it), the silly TV-programm Linda takes part in or when one hears the pupils reciting maths together. In my opinion this draws a very good picture of what the world in the movie must be like.
However, I was disappointed that many parts of the book don't occure at all, the mechanical hound for example, and one doesn't see much of Faber either.That's a pity, because I was curious to see what these would look like on TV and I also think that they play an important role in the book. What I think is really funny (although it isn't meant to be, of course) is that so many devices, like the telephones or the TV-walls look rather old-fashioned, but are meant to be futuristic. The strings on the policemen (or whatever they were) that are supposed to make them fly are not bad, either.
Ok, I can't think of anything else to say know, so enjoy your holidays!


lemony snicket hat gesagt…

Hi Ähnna!
Are you all right? Don't you feel well? Because I don't know what you're talking about!!! Who's Linda or Clarisse? And why are they played by the same person? And why is Linda supposed to be Mildred??? Which novel are you talking about? What movie do you mean? We've never watched a movie like that nor have we ever red the book "Fahrenheit 451"!!! I think youre mind is REALLY playing tricks on you! You should take your halluzinations seriously and go visit psychiatrist...

I'm really concerned about your mental state... ;-)

lemony snicket hat gesagt…

No, seriously now!
Don't worry Anna you do NOT have any halluzinations!!( I'm sorry I just couldn't resist *hehe*)
I think you're right. All in all the film was good, but there were also a lot of things which just didn't match with the book or the play we've seen. Clarisse for example seems-as you already mentioned- quite normal to me and much too calm according to the character, which is described in the novel! And I also think she was too old and it would have been better to let a teenager play that part, but perhaps the fact that Linda and Clarisse were played by the same actress has a special meaning. In fact, I'm sure it has (they wouldn't chose the same actress for two rolls and don't recognize it!!), but I don't know what it is supposed to say. I also agree with you that the properties looked very old-fashioned and very less futuristic, which cause that you don't get the impression that the setting of the story is supposed to be in the future. But I think that's because the film was made in 1966 (probably it WAS very modern then). I also think that they shouldn't have cut Faber's part out of the film, because it is relevant and makes the story more exciting!

Well, that's all I have to say for the moment... enjoy your holidays^^!!

CU on monday

rip hat gesagt…

Hi Anna and lemony,
You're right: both Clarisse and Mildred (whose name was "Linda" in the film) were played by Julie Christie - one of the really big stars of 20th century film.
And ... this film got an Oskar, did you know? Oskar Werner. ;-)
I still don't know what to think of his part. Movie critics usually rave about how wonderful he is, but I wasn't too overwhelmed, I must admit. Partly this may have been due to his slight Austrian accent in his English.
Anyway, have a relaxing weekend before we meet again on Monday.