About February 6th or the little man with the compass

Hello everybody!
Today I have to write my blog entry about our english lesson. So what did we do today?
I'm of the opinion that the funniest thing of this lesson was the drawing of Anna (she drew a little man or woman? on a mountain with a little compass in his or her hand)on the transparency of Angelika's myth presentation. Of course all of us now know that East/West/North/South and Eastern/Western/Northern/Southern are normally NOT interchangeable. This has to be the most remarkable thing of this lesson, I think.
What did we also do today? We had again 4 fishy stories, for example one was about a marriage and a bunch of flowers, or another was about parachuting as a birthday present.
Another thing we did at school, was discussing about the poem "Landscape with the fall of Icarus" which we had to read for homework. The poem describes the painting of Pieter Brueghel the Elder which we also looked at. It was also said that you can imagine commas and fullstops in this poem when we analysed the structur of it.
I hope this was an adequacy summary of our today's English lesson and I hope I didn't forgot something important.

Have a nice day and see you on Thursday,


Steffi K. hat gesagt…

Hello Martina!
In my opinion, your blog entry is a good summary of today`s English lesson and in case that we'll read this entry in half a year or something like that, we'll be able to imagine the course of this lesson.

rip hat gesagt…

Well done, Martina.
I also liked the drawing ;-)

Martina, please remember: It's *always* important to name the poet who wrote the poem - especially in such a case. There are almost a dozen poems based on Brueghel's painting, each of them different, but some of them with the same title ...

Anna:) hat gesagt…

Hello everbody!Well, I have to say it's a good thing with the summary of our english lessons because now I can image what you did in course while I was spending my time at home.
Have a nice evening!Bye, Anna

Martina hat gesagt…

Oh I'm sorry I think I just forgot to name the author of the poem. So the poet is called William Carlos Williams...

rip hat gesagt…

Good :-)
So, having got the basics right: I have just a tiny few doubts about what you said we said about the poem ... Was it really about imagining the punctuation mainly? Do *you* think that's what the poem is about? And do you also think that it's a *description* of the painting (only)?
Does the poem work if you don't know the painting? And if it does, what *is* it about?
So many questions ... I'm sorry ;-)

rip hat gesagt…

Oh, and I forgot: Of course this isn't just a dialogue between Martina and me. *Everybody* is cordially invited to join in (as steffi k. and anna:) have already done).
So - come on :-)

Steffi K. hat gesagt…

No, in my opinion we didn't really focus on the punctuation. This was only to better understand where the author introduced a new aspect or a new detail of description.
It is much easier to understand what this poem is about, if you know the picture, of course. On the other hand, if you're not familiar with it, it probably makes you think about this poem much more because you have to imagine a possible background or setting.

Martina hat gesagt…

Of course I'm not of the opinion that the poem is only about imagine punctuation, but I think it strikes that there are no commas or full stops in it. I also think that this was said in class yesterday, if my memory is right.
I also don't think that the main function of the poem is describing the painting but I think it's an important aspect of it. So I would say a poem is a poem and not a description of something.

Birgit hat gesagt…

I agree with Martina that mainly the poem itself is important.
I´ve never read a poem, which describes a picture, before. But I think the poet did a good work and if you didn`t know the picture and only have read the poem you would have a clear view what it is about. Well, a view of the important aspect of the picture.

lemony snicket hat gesagt…

Hi guys! I'm not able to make any blog-entries!!!