Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

Here's wishing you a very merry Christmas, and lots of good stuff for the new year, e.g. good health, happiness, ability to concentrate when it counts, a good memory for things worth remembering, ... and that all your wishes may come true (or at least, the more reasonable ones ;-) ).



Hi everybody.
I just want to wish you a very mery christmas and many gifts ;-)


Merry Christmas!

Hey everybody,
I'm so glad I found my password again and I get to know how this blog works . So I wish everybody merry christmas and a happy new year! Hope you will be all healthy back in the year 2007!!


christmas party :-)

Hi everybody.

Surprise, surprise we made a little christmas party today. No - we didn`t eat cookies or drink tea. No, we did something that was a lot better ;-)
We watched a movie. "Holiday Inn" was a very kitschy but nice film. I laughed and I cryed, but it was great
See you all tomorrow :-)


"American Dream" in songs

There's something I forgot to tell you at the end of the Monday lesson:
Could you please try and find songs (pop songs, rock, r'n'b, whatever) that contain the expression "American Dream"? If possible, bring it (or them) along on CD or on a USB stick, plus the lyrics, if you've got them. If you're looking for lyrics, I can recommend www.lyricsondemand.com - they're quite good.

So, I'm looking forward to a musically interesting part of next Monday's lesson ;-)
CU on Thursday,