US mid-term elections

As you are aware perhaps, U.S. voters are about to decide who is to represent them in the House of Representatives over the next four years. These elections are called "mid-term", because they come in the middle of the president's term in office. So, it's another two years to go for President George W. Bush, and it doesn't look too good for his party in these elections.
If you want to get some background information, it would be useful to look at one of the articles in the New York Times, e.g.
Republicans Resigned to Idea of Big Losses
2006 Election Guide

British media also have very useful coverage of what awaits us on 7 Nov., e.g. the Economist magazine:
America's mid-term elections: Good-bye to the permanent majority?

All this content is available free of charge - BUT: You must register first. That means, you must choose a username and password (choose something you can remember easily - or write it down!). I'm convinced this is a small price for such excellent information (and immaculate English) as offered by these media.

Once you're registered, you'll be able to read most of the New York Times articles. The Economist is more restrictive with its content; they only offer a small percentage of the current magazine - but it's worth the trouble anyway.

Oh, by the way: Why are the two big political parties in the U.S.A. symbolized by a donkey and an elephant? And which stands for which? Maybe you can find out for our next meeting ;-)

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