English lessons 20-23.11.06

Hello everybody.

I just want so sum up what we did in our English lessons this week.
On Monday we had a special guest: Freyja, a native speaker from Australia.
She told us about her expectations of Germany and Bavaria: sausages and "Lederhosen"
Then she added that it's rather cold.
Forthermore we listened to two very different songs: to the national anthem of America and to "Born in the USA".
We noticed that the national anthem charakterizes the Brithish as "brave" and that the flag is very important for this nation, as a flag normally is for every nation, I think.
Bruce Springsteen sings about a man who doesn't like living in America: he hasn't got a job and that's why he's just killing time. Addionally he cannot integrate into the American society anymore.
I really liked this lesson. It was different to the other lessons because of the songs and because of our guest.

On Tuesday we listened to Snow White, a fairy tale in rhyme. I'm sorry but I cannot imagine the exact title anymore.
In addition to that we talked about "The pet shop" by Monty Python.

Finally, today, today is Thursday by the way, we had a rather long, but nice presentation about the short story "My financial career". Angelika started her presentation by telling us something about the author Stephen Leacock. After that, she had prepared several tranparencies with other texts or books which are also by Leacock.
In the end she summed up the content of the story and analysed one stylistic device: it was an epiphora.
Because of our music-exam, we had only one lesson. That's why Carolin will do her presentation on Monday.

Have a nice day tomorrow and enjoy your weekend.

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