English lesson (27.11.06)

Hallo everybody!
Here's my summary about what we did in our english lessons today:
At the beginning we listened to two presentations. First, it was Carolin's turn. She told us something about the wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, how they got to know each other and their honeymoon. After that, Birgit and Elke started their presentation about the short story "History lesson" from Arthur C.Clarke. It is a quite surprising story I think.
In our second lesson Mr.Ringeisen gave us a piece of paper with information about the American history, how it started and what is important to know. After that, we began to read a text in our viewfinder with the title "The American Dream" and which was written by James Truslow Adams. Because the lesson was over before we finished the text we have to read it until next monday as homework.

Have a nice day!

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