The same procedure as every year

A very happy new year to all of you!

Maybe you can spare a couple of minutes to look at this report on a quaint German new year's eve tradition:

The Mystery of Dinner for One: How an obscure British skit has become Germany's most popular New Year's tradition.

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Kloane hat gesagt…

„But the biggest reason for Dinner for One’s popularity, I suspect, is the magic of repetition. “

I have to underline this sentence. After laughing at Dinner for One on NDR, I had to watch it again just ten minutes later on MDR, although I know it by heart for years…

But there’s one thing I missed in this article. Some time ago I heard about the fact that there was real champagne in the tumblers. Not only James, Miss Sophie’s butler, was drunk but also the actor Freddie Frinton. Perhaps it’s just a rumour, but it would explain Freddie Frinton’s exceptional play. :)