Hello my lovely elks!!

Hello everybody!
Today, it is my turn to summarize our informative english-lk week.
On Monday, we listened to a funny and very interesting speech about Pipi Longstocking by Barbara. She told us about the author Astrid Lindgren and the exciting life of the main character. But we also listened to the wonderful song which always introduces the Pipi-films. In my opinion, it was a very funny presentation.
After that we read a text about the UK, Great Britain, the British isles... ?? It sounded very confusing and difficult to decide which expression is the right one to say that you mean the little island which we often and erreounesly call "England". But, thanks God, even British people have their problems with that. :-)
In our next English lesson, on Tuesday, Mr Ringeisen brought along a magazine about "Pride and Prejudice", the movie which we will watch soon. It was funny and also very informative to read something about "How you can catch your dream prince!" and so on. :-)
On Thursday, we corrected our homework, a translation and a word quiz, together and after some hard working, we listened to a caberett song of Michael Flanders and Donald Swan : "A Song of Patriotic Predjudice". It was kind of funny because they sang in a very old style, like the Comedian Harmonists, I guess, and it was very ironical. The men sang about Irishs, Welshs, Scots, Germans, Frenchs and so on and they mentioned all well-known predjudices. Besides that, according to their words, the English are best people ever.
At the end of the lesson, we watched a film about the various parts of the UK and about Shakespeare who was able to combine all parts and become an important writer for the island. So, we learned something about Shakespeare`s parents and grandparents, about the surroundings when he was born and some facts about his life. In my opinion, the film was made very well and informatively and I would like to watch more of it.

Ok, well, that is the end of my short summary. I hope you enjoyed it :-)
Have a nice evening and a wonderful next english-lk week!!
See you,

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