At the moment, news report a lot about storm Rita and its damage on Texas and Louisiana. So I think we can be glad not to be confronted with such natural problems here in Germany.
But did you know that Rita, although weakening, remains dangerous. Damaging wind gusts, torrential rain and isolated tornadoes will persist along the path of the storm toward the ArkLaTex.
Despite the expected continued weakening of the system, excessive rain and inland flooding will remain major threats over eastern Texas, western Louisiana and southern Arkansas for the next several days as Rita is forecast to slow in its forward movement.
Rita is a Category 3 hurricane and there are surges as high as 15 to 20 feet.
Meanwhile, in the central and eastern Pacific, Tropical Storm Kenneth is moving westward, while Tropical Storm Norma is pushing toward the NNW.
Fortunately, none of the storms poses any threat to land.

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