Latest weather forecast: Brainstorm across the Atlantic!

Alert phase pink! A few minutes ago the best meteorologist in the world Kermit the frog discovered a big brainstorm raging at the Atlantic. Its dimensions are gigantic, according to the Institute of Comparisons Well Done (ICWD) comparable with the power of four commercial hair driers.

Please don’t panic! It is very improbable that this storm of the century comes to Europe. But the nation should be prepared for the worst.
The best way of winning a fight is: Knowing your enemy. A brainstorm(ing) can assume a variety of characters. In order to find out which roles are common read this extract of a very funny and, of course, important article.

Now you know how it looks like and you can make a plan of action. This link gives you a kind of guidance.

But above all, the best way of being protected is: Specific preparation for brainstorm(ing)s. Join this page and go into training.


*If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it. (Albert Einstein)*

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rip hat gesagt…

Ohhh I love it! :-)

Did you notice the "motivational poster" at the bottom of the second site?
I'm sure you've seen something similar in German as well. There is a very, erm, witty site which parodies such posters. Some of them are just funny, some are very bitter and cynical - worth a look:
Demotivational Posters at www.despair.com