Another Miller

As you may know, Arthur Miller is not the only Miller in the world. This weekend Bode Miller has the chance to do something great.
I'm not sure whether you have heard of him (except my friends who always have to listen to my stories about him)but he's a professional skier of the US Ski Team. He has won two gold medals at the Alpine Ski Worldchampionships at Bormio, Italy and now he has the chance to win the overall Worldcup. This weekend is the Worldcup Final at Lenzerheide, Switzerland and Bode has already won the Super-G Worldcup has he and his team mate Daron Rhalves won the last competition in this discipline today. Concerning the disciplines: there are four: Downhill (you mostly have to run straight down the hill with few curves), Giant Slalom (you have to drive a lot of curves, but they are not too narrow), Slalom ( that's where you have to be careful in case of narrow curves) and Super-G (= Super-Giant-Slalom, you almost ski as fast as in Downhill, but there are more curves and you need good skills).Bode managed it to win races in all disciplines this season and only four other skiers have achieved that, among them Marc Girardelli and Günther Mader.
He is 184 points in front in the overall Worldcup, followed by Benjamin Raich, a skier from Austria. Miller has to be very careful because there are only the Slalom and Giant- Slalom competitions left and Raich is very good in this disciplines. But Bode is also able to win the Giant-Slalom Worldcup.
Apart from this, Miller is not just a very good skier, he also looks good and of course, he's very cool.All the other skiers in the Worldcup sleep in hotels on their long journey from race to race, but Bode has his own trailer where he lives during the Worldcup season in Europe.
If you want to know more about this succesful man ( he also won some medals at the Olympic Games 2002 at Salt Lake City and at the Alpine Ski Worldchampionships 2003 at St. Moritz), just visit his hompage: www.bodemillerusa.com and watch the last races on eurosport.
Have a relaxing weekend, see you on moday!


rip hat gesagt…

Mind you, *Arthur* Miller was also a rather good-looking man when he was young ;-) I don't know whether he liked skiing, though (or whether he was good at it).

Barbara hat gesagt…

Well, I promised Johanna to write a comment on her blog entry. But I’m quite shocked that her entry is so long and full of information and I have to confess that I’m not really interested in watching skiing on TV. It is really enough for me that Johanna talks very often of Bode Miller and Ole Einar I-don’t-know-his-name (who also seems to be a fantastic skier and of course to be a great looking guy).
That’s why I don’t really know what to write, I’m sorry.
But I wish you all great holidays, have a good time!
So long

Barbara hat gesagt…
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krypta hat gesagt…

I only wanted to say that it is Ole Einer Björndalen and he does biathlon. But he doesn't looks good.
I wish you all nice holidays!