Something wicked this way comes...

Hey you!

Are you interested in Harry Potter and/or the Lord of the Rings? Then I have two nice links for you!

The first one:
This is for the Harry Potter-fans! Register and then get sorted into a house in the Great Hall! We still need members! You can be teacher or get another job and chat about Harry Potter!

The other link:
For all the Ringies among you! You have to register and then get into a kingdom! You can decide if you want to be a Hobbit, an Elf, a Man or a creey and evil creature from Mordor! There are many interesting threads and theories about the books and the films!

Greetings from Ina


rip hat gesagt…

Hello Ina,

Interesting forums, both of them. Do you participate actively, or are you one of the "lurkers"?


Ina hat gesagt…

I am no lurker! *g*

I am an active member in both forums!
In the Harry Potter-forum I am called Weaslina and in the other one I am Earwen Telrunya! *gg*
Maybe you want to visit me there? I can explain everything to you!