The Crucible

Today I reread some parts of "The Crucible". In my opinion there are some very interesting scenes in it. I think, especially the way John Proctor thinks is remarkable. He doesn't want to save his life, but his reputation is more important for him.
Apart from this, I personally am looking forward to seeing this drama at theatre. I'm wondering if the actors are able to show the emotions of the characters.
Have a nice weekend!


rip hat gesagt…

Hello Maria,

I'm also curious what the ADGE production of "Crucible" will be like. There is one character I take a special interest in because I played his part in a student theatre production, erm, more than twenty years ago. Guess what character I was?

zeva hat gesagt…

Well, I don't know if it was a main part or not ... I'll guess...
Perhaps Mr. Hale? I don't know ...
if not, perhaps Judge Danforth?
But I'm sure, it was not Mr Jacobs, wasn't it?

rip hat gesagt…

A good guess, Eva! I wasn't Mr. Hale. ;-)
If you like I can bring along a photograph after the holidays (historic document, 23 years old ...).