So you think you're logical?

Bored by homework? If you want to answer four logical puzzles and compare your results with those of thousands of other online participants, click below.

So you think you're logical?


Ina hat gesagt…

This test is fun! I think it is pretty easy, I answered correctly! *g*

rip hat gesagt…

You got all four answers right, Ina? Well, I must say this is ... remarkable ;-) Thumbs up!

Kloane hat gesagt…

What?! Someone answered correctly?! Wow, I also say thumbs up!

But please more respect, ok?! There are a few very sad and ashamed people who answered only one question correctly. For them, I don’t want to publish their names, this test wasn’t “pretty easy”, you understand?!
Anyhow, you’ve got my respect Marina!

Marina?! It’s you, Marina?!
Oooooooooh, now I understand. Now I know why you call this test “pretty easy” and you were able to answer correctly.
With your magic mirror sitting next to you, you can pass every test! Cheek!!!!

*sheer envy is speaking*


Ina hat gesagt…

Yeah, Conny, I am Marina :-)

Thanks for you thumbs and don't be ashamed, Conny! We all will forget this test very soon (or do you want to open a pub in England, produce a game, etc.?)!

And please, don't tell everybody my "secret" (the mirror is my preciousssssssss, gollum, gollum *g*)!