Second Schulaufgabe and Alice in Wonderland

Hi everybody!

Actually one can divide our today’s Monday-lesson into two parts. Our double lesson consisted firstly of a “must-be-done” and secondly of a “just-for-fun” part.
With the “must-be-done” part I mean, of course, the return of the second “Schulaufgabe” and I may remark this was not a very joyful moment for a lot of us because the second test was much more difficult than the previous one. I really doubt I was the only one doing the translation part and thinking quietly to myself: “What the hell is this supposed to be??” After the compulsory correction of commonly made mistakes in translating and quoting and after getting our tests back we began with a much more interesting and entertaining thing.
Mr. Ringeisen opened the “just-for-fun” part of the lesson with telling us that we will soon watch the Disney film “Alice in Wonderland”. I think it’s totally good that we do not only occupy with serious, important stuff, but also with funny and even a little bit childish things. It brings a lot of change with itself and besides: You can also learn a lot! Even with only watching a children film! We got a worksheet where there were some information about the author of “Alice in Wonderland”, Lewis Carrell and two short extracts of the action.
We got to know that quite a lot of puns occur in the book as well as in the film. This figure of speech plays with two words which sound, look or mean the same and combines them. For outsiders of the English language like us it is often quite hard to recognize the connection between the two expressions and therefore to understand the point, but nevertheless I myself really like those puns.
At the bottom of our sheet there was a poem by Lewis Carrell called “Jabberwocky” and which also occurs in “Alice in Wonderland”. This weird poem was full of words made up by the author and consequently hard to understand. The poem is about some creatures, or better monsters like the Jabberwock or the Jubjub Bird or the Bandersnatch who seem to be extremely terrifying.
At the end of the lesson we were left alone with this confusing piece of art and got the homework to reread the poem to understand its content. So, I’ll do this now,

See you soon!

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