"Tell me why I don't like Mondays" (John Bon Jovi, American musician)

In our lesson on Monday morning we first heard Carina's and Ann-Kathrin's presentation about Alice Childress's short story "The Health Card". They told us a lot about the story and also the background. In her stories, Alice Childress often wrote about topics like social justice, racial segregation and the rights of black people in general.
Concerning this story, we heard that in America lots of people - especially the middle and lower class and/or black people - don't have important things like a health insurance or a health card.

After this, we talked about English artists and musicians. Surprisingly, four people had decided to find out something about Andy Warhol, so we know quite a lot about him now. While artists often appeared more than one time (e.g. Michael Strang), we had a bigger choice of musicians. Famous persons like Irving Berlin, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Benjamin Britten were listed.
Marina told us about the composer of the music of the well-known film "The Lord of the Rings" and brought along a CD with the soundtrack, so we listened to the song "The Black Rider" at the end of this part.

Then Mr. Ringeisen had a very funny hitlist of English words that were looked up on a dictionary on the internet. He read some out e.g. "hurricane" (which is a bit surprising because I thought everybody knows what that is) or (my favourite word) "defenestration", which means "Fenstersturz" in German. That is also strange because we all knew this word only in the context of the defenestration of Prague, but have so many people heard about this historical thing recently and looked up the word?

At last we started to read something about sitcoms. It's in our book on page 13 and we're supposed to read the whole text at home.

so long

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rip hat gesagt…

Congratulations on your headline, Barbara! It's not only something connected to the topic of our lesson (-> musician!), but also a nicely ironic comment on how you felt at eight o'clock ;-)

Maybe I should add what the no. 1 word on the hit list was: "Blog" is now the most popular search word in the online version of the Merriam-Webster dictionary.
More details at:
Allheadlinenews and