A special occasion

I thought it would be fine
to write my text in a rhyme;-)
Last lesson started well,
Mr R. corrected mistakes – oh hell;-)
The entries of Jo., Ca., Marieee(na ...
sorry, you know the rhyme... you know who I mean),-
everyone on a transparency.
We worked out what was wrong,
oh dear, it took quite long.
But there is no-one to blame,
the boat we’re sitting in’s the same;-)
further on it churned,
attention to Claudia we turned,
it was a detailed presentation
called: a special occasion.
A story Joyce Cary once wrote,
many thoughts are hidden and float,
Narrator and style, devices a lot -
And don’t forget the plot.
Little Jenny visits Tom
A boy who comes from
An extremely rich family,
but he’s really unfriendly.
What is even worse,
Tom's got a silly nurse.
But what came next:
The moral of the text:
Humans never amend
And in the end
Oneself is one’s best friend.;-)
(and of course, kids always do what they want;-))
Then again it went:
We decided on our further work -
let’s do something about New York.
The text was nice,
But showed the price
The whites must pay
For their skyscrapers so grey-
what the Indians feared
nature disappeared.
But now a christmas, so bright and merry,
I wish and don’t worry
I’m sure with a little ding-a-ling-a-ling
Santa or CK (Christkind) will bring
Some presents or just some mice;-)
To those who have been nice.
And before that I forget
Don’t blame the poet
For mistakes
She makes ...
Wrong grammar and false context-
you know when the text
doesn’t sound right and nice -
Then it's just my own stylistic device.
(and the rhymes, the rhymes, the rhymes...
after all to find a nice rhyme
takes a lot of time.)
Merry christmas and a happy New Year to everyone.

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rip hat gesagt…

Congrats, Eva, on your impressively long poem. I know how hard the rhyming business is ;-)
Well done!