problem: perseverance

The lesson on Thursday 12/16/2004 started with the last one of our short story presentations. Johanna and Marina presented Jean Rhys’ story “I used to life here once” on page 127 in our collection and gave information about the author’s life, the plot, the narrator, the protagonists, the style and the interpretation of the story.
Afterwards, Mr. Ringeisen again informed us about “Facharbeit” problems and asked us to contribute to the blog a bit more often.
In the second half of our English lesson, we listened to a “British humour” comedy sketch. It was about a pupil who wrote about the same item in all his exams, no matter what the question was: about his aunt’s parrot called “Perseverance”, or “Fifties”, or ... The teacher was telling the pupil off and the listeners of course thought he was angry about hearing the same story all the time. But indeed, he criticized a grammar mistake!
Later, we listened to excerpts from a radio game show called “Just a Minute”. There are about four members of a team who have to talk for one minute about a topic, for example “rules”, “forebears”, or “cheek”. But the difficulty is that it isn’t allowed to hesitate, to repeat a word or to deviate from the topic. If a member defies these rules, the others have to interrupt him by pressing a buzzer and go on talking themselves. The last ten minutes of our lesson we played this game in class. The first group talked about “apple”, the second about “snow”. I think is is not really easy to talk about one topic for one minute without hesitation, repetition and deviation – especially because the players get to know their topic only a few seconds before – but it is fun.

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