Mysterious Presentation


Yesterday our English course heard a well-prepared short story presentation held by Carolin and Cornelia. They presented the short story "Pygmalion" written by John Updike. Firstly, they gave an overview about Updike's life and his works. After that, there was a very detailed description of the story and its meaning. The name "Pygmalion" sounds a little bit strange for a man, I think. But the speakers also had an answer for that. Pygmalion is the main character in a Greek myth (which particularly Miriam must have liked), which is related to the story. In both texts, there is initially a man who is disappointed about his wife and both are then married to their ideal of a woman, after the men have formed them as they want them to be.
Not only literature deals with this kind of topic and myth, respectively, but it also occurs in popular movies, like "Pretty Woman".

I think that's all we did in lesson yesterday.

See you tomorrow,

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