Last Night of the Gerunds (25 Nov)

There was no short story presentation in our last lesson, so we started with a translation exercise. We had to do this as homework and at school we only corrected our suggestions. With this practise we brush up our less than vast knowledge of participle and gerund constructions. It was quite necessary for me. And I think or even hope there are a few of you who also have problems with that, because I have.
Then we listened to a song which was difficult to understand, because thousands of people were singing. It was a British national song that people like to sing at the last night of the Promenade Concerts ("Land of Hope and Glory").

Then we looked at the article "The Last Night of the Proms". It's about this great and huge music festival. Some people think this is too jingoistic and nationalistic. Someone, I think a British man or woman, tells us that it isn't so. He or she doesn't believe that anybody takes the songs "Rule Britannia" or "Land of Hope and Glory" seriously. And in fact it's a pretty serious concert.

The bad thing of this part of the lesson was that we had to translate the direct speech. That was quite complicated, because the constructions of the sentences was a little bit confusing. But I also don't think about the construction when I'm talking and I think you do neither. So I hope we won't have to translate direct speech in a test.

That was all I wanted to say. See you!

by Elisabeth

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