Facharbeit and Lehrer

On Monday, we talked about our "Facharbeit". Mr Ringeisen told us how to compile a bibliography in the right way. It will be very important to know that because that can save a lot of time and avoid many problems. In the second lesson, Mr Ringeisen brought along some "Facharbeiten". Although they were quite old, it was interesting to look at them and to see how long they are and how much work the former pupils must have spent on them.
Then we listened to a song of Tom Lehrer's, which was very funny because of the Russian accent he put on (“Lobachevsky”). Finally, Mr Ringeisen showed us that Lehrer also made a "love song", without an accent, but you can't really call it a proper love song, because it's full of irony.
So see you tomorrow!


Maria hat gesagt…

In my opinion the English lesson on Monday was very interesting. The most interesting was looking at former Facharbeiten, because it's very important for us to get an impression of what we'll have to do in few weeks. Because there are only less weeks left to the day we will get our topics.
See you tomorrow, Maria

rip hat gesagt…

I'd like to add the reason for dealing with the Lehrer song. It was meant as a reminder that one shouldn't follow the advice that Lehrer ironically gives as his recipe for academic success:
"Don't forget why the good Lord made your eyes,
and plagiarize, plagiarize, plagiarize."