Tuesday's lesson was a very special one, as it was the last English lesson of the year 2004.
As all of us had written a "Deutsch - Schulaufgabe" for 4 hours before, we were very exhausted. So Mr. Ringeisen did us a great favour and corrected Claudia's handout instead of wanting us to do more demanding work, e.g. some creative writing. This way, we could relax from our test and were at the same time informed about some tricky words like the verb "to duplicate". We looked it up in the dictionary, where we found its definition: "to succeed in repeating sth."
Later on, Mr. Ringeisen gave us a very good incentive to return to school next year. Because of the fact that the English lessons on Thursday will be cancelled as we'll have to prepare the service, Mr. Ringeisen promised to show us a film - perhaps "Alice in Wonderland" - after the holidays.
As time had already advanced, we could only listen to two Christmas carols:
"Once in Royal David's City" and "O Come, All Ye Faithful", both of them common carols in Britain.
These songs prepared us well for the approaching Christmas Eve and finished our English year 2004.

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