Dead Men's Grammar (Nov 18th)

The first part of our English lessons was taken by Maria for her short story presentation. It was about Chinua Achebe's "Dead Men's Path". Maria told us something about the plot of the story, which is very interesting. Besides she explained to us the function of the protagonist and the narrator. The two next points were the style and the stylistic devices. And finally, Maria gave us a very informative interpretation of the story.

After Maria's presentation, Mr. Ringeisen handed out a worksheet with grammar exercises for the tenses. The first few sentences were done in class, the rest was homework.

And in the last part of the double lesson, we talked about the text "American Visions" and the picture "American Gothic" on page 21 in our English book. We discussed the statements given in the text and tried to interpret the picture. We were interrupted by the end of the lesson and so we had something to do for next time.

by Corinna

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