Rat and Head, Surreptitiously Renovated ;-)

In our lesson today, Janina told us something about the short short story “The Head”, written by Michael Hale Bullock. It was a very interesting presentation, I liked it very much. Well done, Janina! :) Her story was about a head which attacked a woman. The idea that there is a head on your coffee table is kinda weird, I think. But funny anyway! *lol*
After this one we got informed by Elisabeth about the short short story “A Rat and Some Renovations” by Bernard MacLaverty. Americans are visiting with a family. The mother wants to impress them and decides to buy a new kitchen before the visitors come. BUT the problem comes soon... A rat... Very nice. I would have died if there were a rat in my kitchen! Ahhhh... *lol* ANYWAYS... It was funny!! Well done, Elisabeth! :)
After these two enjoyable presentations, we corrected our grammar homework.
Hmmm, what else did we do?!?! Ahhhhh.... We spent the rest of the lesson with reading and translating the text “Is Classical Music Dying?”. It' s a text with some very strange words like "surreptitiously". Try to pronounce it! It's really funny! :)
To put it in a nutshell, we had two very nice lessons....

Have a relaxing evening! See ya tomorrow!

Bye bye

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