Oh, America ...

First, it would be better to say, "oh, Eva " because I'm even not able to write a blog entry... I think I did something wrong on this side and now ... I hope nothing is destroyed?!
But now, my real blog entry:-)
On every Tuesday, we've only got a very short lesson, so my entry won't be long and I will add some comments.
Today, we talked about cartoons we had chosen yesterday. These cartoons told us many details about George W. Bush and the current situation in the U.S.A.. The authors drew many sarcastical and ironic cartoons and they made us smile and laugh about it. Various problems and situations are brought up, e.g. homosexuals, taxes, election campaign, rivalry between President Bush and his opponent Kerry, terrorism, moral values, the two parties ...
It's really fascinating that someone can draw such cartoons because one has to include many hidden details, often ironic and satirical ones, reflecting current problems and situations. At the end of our lesson, after everybody had presented his chosen cartoon, Mr. Ringeisen gave us some papers, too. The first article tells us something about moral values. Many Americans seem to have only voted for Bush because of his deep faith and his attitude towards morals (against abortion, homosexuals ...). That's the reason why America's minorities (homosexuals, but also blacks ...) support Kerry (The Democrats). Oh, America - once even Goethe said - you are lucky, and our old Europe... (didn't he?)
But why do your brave soldiers vote for morals and faith although they pray with weapons in their praying hands ... Oh, America ... And after all, who is their god?
Enough for today, have a nice day, till Thursday...;-)

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