lessons: Nov 11th & 15th

At the very beginning of our lesson, we had an informative short-story presentation by Eva and Corinna. Both girls presented "The linesman", written by Janet Frame. We listened attentively to the information on the author, the contents of the story, the position of the narrator, before we analysed the style and heard something about the meaning, interpretation and their own opinion of the story.
After the short story presentation Mr. Ringeisen wanted to talk with everybody alone about her first test. He wanted us to pay attention to our mistakes, and gave us suggestions what we could do to improve in the next test. During the individual talks between the teacher and each pupil, the rest of the LK had to work on four texts.
The first text was "Here endeth the lesson"; it's about the influence of the candidates' religion on the voters. The next article, "New standards for elections", is about some methods the author thinks should be improved, because there are some flaws in the American voting system. "Rove's revenge" is about the relation of Bush and Karl Rove in their childhood. The author is a Kerry-fan and is sad about losing. The last text, "Voting without the facts", tells about different people who are well or less well informed about the politicians and politics.
After that (on Monday) we read a very confusing story: "Water", by Fred Leebron. At the end, we thought that the woman who has to give the plants water is the previous girlfriend or wife of the man who is now on holiday with a new girl, enjoys his life - in contrast to his former girl who is jealous, because she still loves him.

by Claudia

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