And Still We'll Rise

A presentation of a short story had not been prepared for today's lesson, so we dealt with our poem "Still I Rise" once more. After having translated the poem the previous lesson, we had a second look at its content. We wanted to find out what could possiply rise that often. Apparently it had to be something extraordinarily persistent, to rise so many times. Furthermore we tried to find out what the verb "rise" could mean. We all came to the conclusion that "rising" must be a standing up after a falling. The author of the poem, Maya Angelou, is a black woman, consequently the thing that rises could also be the call for freedom and equality and the fight for having rights.
But we didn't only have a second look at our poem, we also started to do an exercise about a main topic in our next "Schulaufgabe"- the translation from English into German. In my opinion this was a very useful exercise, because I have some difficulties (and I know I'm not the only one) in expressing an english text in a normal, especially correct German. But I'm sure, with Mr. Ringeisen's exercises we will get better and better... because still we'll rise.
See ya all Thursday!

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