Trouble with pronunciation

At the beginning of our English lesson today, Mr. Ringeisen explained to us how to sign in and now, I think, we´re all able to write a contribution, even me. Then I suggested that volunteers should write contributions. I think this is best, because thus you can write it if you´ve got enough time.
After that, Carolin and Cornelia presented their news item. I think it was very clever of the two girls to choose such a totally different subject. Ann-Kathrin and I told you something about the electoral system of the United States of America and so the class doesn´t have to listen to similar things every lesson. Besides, I think, Richard Avedon must have been a fascinating photographer. Although he had access to very important persons, he didn´t forget people who need help and he also spent money for charities.
Then Mr. Ringeisen corrected some pronunciation points and told us to pay attention to this aspect, particularly how to stress words in the right way. I think, we all have more or less problems with pronunciation. Especially the word "interesting", which is stressed on the "in", causes trouble, Mr. Ringeisen had to explain it, I think, for the fifth time.
We talked about our homework and about the short story. While we were correcting the homework, there was again a problem with pronunciation. This time it was the difference between British English and American English.
After solving the problem, we received papers about how to analyse a text.
At the end of the lesson, we got our new English books. I think, they´re a bit heavy to carry, but we will do it.
Now I will finish my contribution by wishing you a nice evening.


rip hat gesagt…

Thanks for the INteresting report. I hope I can get some of you INterested in some of the secrets of correct pronunciation ;-)

Jester hat gesagt…

I also really enioyed Conny's and Caro's presentation.
I think it was quite difficult fot them to find this article which has nothing to do with the elections. At the moment the newspapers are are full of information about the presidential elections so that it was much easier
to make a presentation about this news item. I also find that Mr Ringeisen is very strict with the pronounciation. Caro and Conny spent a lot of time on preparing their presentation and they also did a really good job standing in front of the class.In my opinion they would have deserved more than 11 points.
I didn't understand parts of this analysis-paper.
There were too many words in it I had never seen before.
enhance?? highten??? impact????
Well, of course I know the movie Deep Impact, but that wasn't a help for me..... :)

Yours jester

rip hat gesagt…

Hallo Jester,
First, I'd appreciate it if you didn't discuss points in public. I don't mind comments like "I think they would have deserved a better mark" - but don't use actual numbers. Of course it isn't particularly embarrassing to talk about 11 points, but if - in connection with future presentations (who knows?) - we were talking about six, five or four points ... Anyway, no more concrete points here, please.

Second, what do you mean by "this analysis paper"? Why are you complaining about unknown words? Don't you have a dictionary? I can lend you one. - If I restricted myself to using only the words that you already know, you wouldn't improve, would you?

Third, thank you for your comment!

CU tomorrow :-)

Ina hat gesagt…

I have to agree with Jester, Caro and Conny were very good and it's really much work to find something different from the political situation in the news (Miri and I had the same problem). It was something different and I really liked it. But I think everybody has made a good job so far and it really takes very long to prepare this news item presentation, so I also think that the marks are very strict. I'm sorry but this is my opinion.