Surfing on the Internet

Today, it was a really interesting and relaxing lesson because we were in the computer room. In my opinion, such an English lesson is really cool. It’s very informative and it’s different to our “normal” lessons.
Well, now I want to tell you something about today:

<>First, we listened to Victoria’s presentation about American football. It was well-prepared and very informative. Victoria explained the rules and the scoring system etc. Now it’s much easier to understand the whole game... :-) I think, it was a very good presentation because there were a lot of transparencies; in the pictures you could see players or the field etc. So it was easy to imagine the game. Furthermore, Victoria had a good pronunciation.

Afterwards, we went to www.langenscheidt.de/linkfinder and everybody read a text she was interested in. (Some read about Internet voting, some about the history of the American flag..) That task was really cool because we could choose a homepage we fancied.

At the end of the lesson, we watched the debate of John F. Kerry and George W. Bush. It was interesting to see how the politicans tried to convince the Americans to vote for them.
I think, it was very hard to understand Bush. He had such a bad slang… :-)

Well, in my opinion it was a cool lesson today! We should regularly use the computer… :-)

<>Have a nice afternoon!

See you tomorrow!

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rip hat gesagt…

Hi Janina,

Thanks for your report, I'm glad you liked the lesson.
I'd just like to add a few words, since you wrote that everybody "could choose a homepage we fancied". It was expected that afterwards you'd be able to summarize what information you got, and we did discuss various aspects of electronic voting then, because a couple of people had read the respective article. That's what *I* liked about this part of the lesson ;-)