Once upon a time… on October, the 18th 2004

I hope and wish that everybody of you, everybody means the whole course including the sleeping ones (which I don’t hope there weren't any today!!!), remembers today’s lesson, even if we are all old, grey and wrinkly (what a horrific idea) and sitting next to the tiled stove while peeling potatoes. We will talk about the “good old days”, we'll mention that the youth at that time was not as bad as now, :) and we'll remember this English lesson, of course.
Some of you may then revel in memories like “What nice sheets we always got from Mr. Ringeisen! Do you remember the one which should help us getting to know our friend, the computer? At that time I only could find the button where you can start the computer; dashes and quotation marks were unheard of. I was very thankful about this kind of help!”
Okay, but the sheet we got today is very helpful, especially for the pupils who are also members of the French course because there are also tricks to make accents. Now nobody will write wrong quotation marks again (By God, I hope my punctuation is all right. Well,…).
Besides, Mr. Ringeisen taught us to pay attention to our style of describing stylistic devices. I think it’s understandable we should not say “You can find an *** in line ***”. Who wants to feel like Ulysses while reading: “Oh, I can see, there’s the metaphor, sail direct to line northeast, we are safe, there’s land!”. But there’s still so much I have to tell you about today’s lesson…
Carina and Claudia held their news item presentation about Christopher Reeve, a famous actor who died last week. Honestly, I really was shocked when I read about his death in the newspaper. This person had so much power, didn’t give up, attempted to live his life with his handicap in the best possible way. I have to note that I saw “Das Fenster zum Hof”, a really fascinating movie. This man couldn’t move his legs, his arms, nothing but his eyes, his mouth, could hardly breathe. I found this presentation very interesting, not only because I like the actor, but also because I got to know more about him. I didn’t know that he performed in many theatres and was a professional actor. How unpleasant it must have been for him only to be “Superman” in the public eye and have never been acknowledged as a real artist, a real actor?!
But now I will come to an end, because at the end of the lesson we talked about the short story, which wasn’t a real short story, “Cat’s Eye”. The clever ones would have discovered this “801 words · excerpt from Margaret Atwood, Cat’s Eye […]“ at the end of the story. All of them now can have 100 € safe or “Do you rather want gate 3?”. :)
Well, we talked about the questions on the text and got a solution. Now everybody has got the chance to ask herself again “Why can this be possible? Why is my work so different from the solution? Is this magic? What’s the reason for this? Is there any life outside of our earth?!”

You’ll see, all of you “have to remember” today’s lesson even in many, many years…

If someone doesn’t like my blog entry, try to write a better one :)

Yours Conny

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