Not the story of an hour but the story of an English lesson

Because nobody wanted to write a contribution about our lesson, I have decided spontaneously to write one! :)
At the beginning of our English lesson today we listened to the nems item presentation by Janina and Babsi, which was about Michael Moore. I think they chose a very interesting topic, or person!
I have also read "Stupid white men" and I really liked this book. It is really a pity that we can't read books by Michael Moore in our English lessons because they are very hard to understand. There are so many special expressions in his books you can't understand without looking into your dictionary very often, which also Janina and Babsi explained to us. But I think we could watch a film like Fahrenheit 9/11!
In a few weeks we have the election in America and maybe the film can be very interesting for us. What do you think?
Furthermore we looked at "The Story of an Hour", which you can find in our Viewfinder book! We also tried to solve the Analysis questions on this text. In my opinion it was a very nice text and not too hard to understand! So, I think that´s what we did in our last English lesson before we will write our first English LK Schulaufgabe.
I'm not really looking forward to Thursday's lessons but we will see!
Have nice days
Yours Miri


Kloane hat gesagt…

Hi Miri!

I agree with you. I also read “Stupid white men” and “Downsize this”. Even in German there are a lot of difficult expressions out of political and legal fields. And to understand this in English?! But maybe I will have a shiny hour of carelessness, belief in myself and ambitious and will try to do it… ;-)
Yes, I also think that’s a good idea watching this documentary. And I think other course members will agree with us. Well, Mr. Ringeisen?!!! ;-)

See you on Thursday, *having fear*


Carina hat gesagt…

Good evening!
I also agree to Miriam and Conny to watch a Michael Moore movie in English lessons. I also wanted to read the book "Stupid white men", but I never managed to do it before.
That's all I wanted to say/write.
Bye, Carina

janinchen hat gesagt…

hi everybody!
I only want to tell you something very interesting, I think. "Fahrenheit 9/11" will be on TV (1.11.04, Pro 7).
Have a nice evening!
Kind regards, Janina