A lot of problems ;-)

Good evening everybody!

Here I am at last! The hardest thing was to find were to log in after having already joined. Did you have the same difficulies?

I tried to watch the debate video.
The part I was able to see was quite dark in the background.
But John Kerry speaks very slowly, I was surprised.
There's one really annoying thing with my computer:
It needs about 5 minutes to load 1 minute of the video.
But it is interrupted all 6 seconds!
Do you have the same problems???

Good night
Untill tomorrow


rip hat gesagt…

Hi Caro,

Oh dear! There's hardly anything more annoying on the internet than having to wait for a video stream :-( I'm sorry it frustrated you.
What kind of connection do you have? Did you choose the appropriate version of the video (fast/slow connection)?
Well, we'll have to go to the computer room at school once.
See you tomorrow!

Caro hat gesagt…

Well, it didn't get on my nerves. Not really.
I think I chose the wrong connection. I've got ISDN.

I'll try again.
I think it's a good idea watching it in the computer room.
I don't know if it works, but shown on the wide screen above the board might be like watching it in cinema :-)
I hope there aren't any problems with the tone...

Until Thursday.