lesson of 14th October

After the morning prayer chosen by Carina, Mr. Ringeisen told us something about his criteria for the assessment of our news item presentations today. Apart from the pronunciation, he also pays attention to grammar and how to make the item interesting for the class.
Then it was Melanie’s and Elisabeth’s turn to do their news item presentation about music which can be downloaded legally - or illegally. They explained the effects of illegal downloading and gave a list of some legal download sites to the class at the end.
The following minutes, we got a handout with questions on the short story "The Invisible Japanese Gentlemen", which we had to prepare for today’s lesson. We answered those questions about the content and read out some stylistic devices, like similes and metaphors, and discussed their effect in the context. On the worksheet, there were also the expected results for us to read at home.
After a short break, the teacher gave us the explanations for some unknown vocabulary of the song "There Are Bad Times Just Around The Corner" by Noel Coward. We listened to that song and, personally, I thought that the text with lots of sad and negative expressions doesn’t fit at all to the happy melody and the funny voices of the singers. But perhaps, this is exactly what makes the song so fascinating...
All in all, it was again a well-prepared lesson which gave us additional information for our freetime ;-)

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zeva hat gesagt…

Good evening!
I just want to say some words about today's lesson. The short story "The Invisible Japanese Gentlemen" was really good. In my opinion it's true that many people have lost the "powers of observation". They are only interested in themselves and their problems and forgot how to observe. But it's very important to observe how other people might feel. Sensibility is a quality I sometimes miss among people. Now I'm asking myself if this is a problem of our time???
The song we heard was funny and I admire people who can play with their voice in a way that it sounds like instruments. The text is also fascinating- every sentence contains rhymes and beautiful words to pronounce.
I think that's it for today, just a little comment. ;-)(-;