Invisible English Questions

For those of you who look at the blog from time to time, here are the questions that went with the Graham Greene short story "The Invisible Japanese Gentlemen". I used the story (and these questions) for a first Schulaufgabe four years ago.
If you click here, you should get to the questions:

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Ina hat gesagt…

I think this link doesn't work! I can't read anything, there are only points but no letters!

rip hat gesagt…

ooops. That means you don't have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Never mind. Here it is in plain text:

1 What are the young couple celebrating “at Bentley’s”? (10 points)

2 Why is the young man uncomfortable with his fiancée’s career as a novelist? Explain. (20)

3 The young author is particularly proud of her “powers of observation” (p. 80, l. 21). In what way is this supposed quality of hers linked to the title, and why is it central to the whole text? (30)

4 Find three different stylistic devices in the text and explain how they work. (20)

5 Describe the narrator’s position in this short story. (10)
(max. 90)

However, being able to read documents in PDF format is rather useful. The program which is necessary doesn't cost anything, you can download it from lots of sources on the web, e.g. www.download.com (just search for "Acrobat Reader").