Good afternoon to all!

In our English lesson today we first listened to a very interesting news item presentation from Marina and Johanna. They told us a lot about the volcano Mount St. Helens, which got active again in the last few days. I found it good of them to show us where this volcano actually is, and I hadn’t known about the "ring of fire" before. It was easy to understand how a volcano "works" because Johanna drew a nice picture on the board.

After this, we talked about our homework and got a sheet with solutions, so everyone could compare the right solutions to the answers she had written.

Then we had a short look in our book, where there are lots of things explained (like "what is a metaphor" etc). This will be important for our Schulaufgabe.

As it was only a "normal" (single) lesson, time was up very soon. :-)

Enjoy your evening!



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rip hat gesagt…

Thanks, Barbara.
By they way: If anybody is interested in a few more details about this volcano and about the development of monitoring technology - there is an article in today's New York Times.
... big eruption ...CU