Bush or Kerry - who will win the battle???

The last lesson before our well-deserved holidays really provided a lot of variety!
At the beginning, we had the possibility to get the translation of some unknown words that appear in the funny poem “Snow-White and the Seven Dwarfs”. Besides other vocabulary items, the word “spake” was revealed as an old form of the simple past from “to speak”.
After that, we received some interesting facts about the influenza vaccine in the USA. Eva and Corinna informed us e. g. that approximately 36,000 people die from the flu every year. An amazing fact I didn't know before, did you?
What the pupils of the other course didn’t like very much was the fact that we needed their classroom in the second part of our English lesson in order to watch a film. I think this film called “Gentleman gegen Cowboy” was a great alternative for the event on Tuesday we aren´t allowed to take part in (at the University of Regensburg) (which from my point of view is a real pity L) - Thanks to the organizers who invited us first and made us look forward to this “election party” just to tell us later we can´t come! Well, but that’s not the point under discussion now – I should give a statement about the film! Personally, I liked it very much as it didn’t only compare the politics of the two nominees, but also their private and public lives.
Now, let´s see who will win the exciting “battle” on Tuesday – Bush or Kerry - and let’s all have our own little “election parties” at home!
Nice holidays


Oh Mirror Mirror on the wall...

...what did we do in Tuesday's lesson? I can't remember!
Mirror: First, Mr Ringeisen passed the list with the dates of the short story presentation around and you had to choose a date for yours! In the meantime, he also told you some very important things about the novel presentation (that some of you haven't heard because they were too busy with the dates of the short story presentation :-) ): how long it should be, that you should make a handout and what exactly you should mention (author, characters, place...)!
[look here!]

But, oh Mirror Mirror on the wall, what then? What did we do afterwards?
Mirror: Then you listened to Susi's & Susi's news item presentation about "The golden couple" Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt. They told you that Jen and Brad separated because Brad is said to have an affair with Lara Croft-Angelina Jolie. Then Susi & Susi gave you an overview about the lives of Jen and Brad and their career. Many of you found it very interesting (especially the fact that Brad could be single again ;-) ) or also sad that this nice couple wants to get divorced.
And then, oh Mirror Mirror on the wall, what about the rest of the lesson?
Mirror: Again, you listened to "Snow-White and the Seven Dwarfs" by Roald Dahl and you got the text of it from Mr Ringeisen. Most of you found it very funny, but again, you didn't get to the end! What a pity because there, I would have occurred once more! *g* And you got some homework: you should read this story at home till the end and then be able to talk about it in the next lesson!
Oh Mirror Mirror on the wall, thank you very much! I couldn't remember anything! You are my hero!

Greetings from Ina


Don't kick it out

Hallo to everybody!
This was the first lesson after our test we wrote last week, and because of that it was a little bit relaxing.
Firstly, we read an article about Sarah Ferguson's affairs published in the "Daily Star" (Viewfinder Special, ch. 1). This article showed very well how brutal and discriminating the press, especially tabloids, can be.
We answered some questions on the text which were set to us by Mr Ringeisen.
After a short break we had a discussion about the differences of quality and yellow press and which informs people better than the other. To get the discussion more lively, we are going to do it in only small groups the next time.
Finally, we heard a little bit of the fairytale "Snowhite and the 7 dwarves" - in Roald Dahl's version. Tomorrow we are going to finish listening to the story. It was quite funny, particularly the bad stepmother and the mirror.
Goodnight and bye,


First "Schulaufgabe" of E11

Good evening everybody!
Today I'll write something about our last lesson ( I know that it's a bit late) which was very special, because we wrote our first "Schulaufgabe".
In my opinion, it wasn't too difficult, I only had problems with the stylistic devices, but I know that I'm not the best in analysing metaphors etc. In general, I think there was no difference between this "Schulaufgabe" and the ones we wrote last year. And what I had never expected, I didn't feel nervous.
Finally, I wish you a nice sunday evening, see you tomorrow!


Not the story of an hour but the story of an English lesson

Because nobody wanted to write a contribution about our lesson, I have decided spontaneously to write one! :)
At the beginning of our English lesson today we listened to the nems item presentation by Janina and Babsi, which was about Michael Moore. I think they chose a very interesting topic, or person!
I have also read "Stupid white men" and I really liked this book. It is really a pity that we can't read books by Michael Moore in our English lessons because they are very hard to understand. There are so many special expressions in his books you can't understand without looking into your dictionary very often, which also Janina and Babsi explained to us. But I think we could watch a film like Fahrenheit 9/11!
In a few weeks we have the election in America and maybe the film can be very interesting for us. What do you think?
Furthermore we looked at "The Story of an Hour", which you can find in our Viewfinder book! We also tried to solve the Analysis questions on this text. In my opinion it was a very nice text and not too hard to understand! So, I think that´s what we did in our last English lesson before we will write our first English LK Schulaufgabe.
I'm not really looking forward to Thursday's lessons but we will see!
Have nice days
Yours Miri


Once upon a time… on October, the 18th 2004

I hope and wish that everybody of you, everybody means the whole course including the sleeping ones (which I don’t hope there weren't any today!!!), remembers today’s lesson, even if we are all old, grey and wrinkly (what a horrific idea) and sitting next to the tiled stove while peeling potatoes. We will talk about the “good old days”, we'll mention that the youth at that time was not as bad as now, :) and we'll remember this English lesson, of course.
Some of you may then revel in memories like “What nice sheets we always got from Mr. Ringeisen! Do you remember the one which should help us getting to know our friend, the computer? At that time I only could find the button where you can start the computer; dashes and quotation marks were unheard of. I was very thankful about this kind of help!”
Okay, but the sheet we got today is very helpful, especially for the pupils who are also members of the French course because there are also tricks to make accents. Now nobody will write wrong quotation marks again (By God, I hope my punctuation is all right. Well,…).
Besides, Mr. Ringeisen taught us to pay attention to our style of describing stylistic devices. I think it’s understandable we should not say “You can find an *** in line ***”. Who wants to feel like Ulysses while reading: “Oh, I can see, there’s the metaphor, sail direct to line northeast, we are safe, there’s land!”. But there’s still so much I have to tell you about today’s lesson…
Carina and Claudia held their news item presentation about Christopher Reeve, a famous actor who died last week. Honestly, I really was shocked when I read about his death in the newspaper. This person had so much power, didn’t give up, attempted to live his life with his handicap in the best possible way. I have to note that I saw “Das Fenster zum Hof”, a really fascinating movie. This man couldn’t move his legs, his arms, nothing but his eyes, his mouth, could hardly breathe. I found this presentation very interesting, not only because I like the actor, but also because I got to know more about him. I didn’t know that he performed in many theatres and was a professional actor. How unpleasant it must have been for him only to be “Superman” in the public eye and have never been acknowledged as a real artist, a real actor?!
But now I will come to an end, because at the end of the lesson we talked about the short story, which wasn’t a real short story, “Cat’s Eye”. The clever ones would have discovered this “801 words · excerpt from Margaret Atwood, Cat’s Eye […]“ at the end of the story. All of them now can have 100 € safe or “Do you rather want gate 3?”. :)
Well, we talked about the questions on the text and got a solution. Now everybody has got the chance to ask herself again “Why can this be possible? Why is my work so different from the solution? Is this magic? What’s the reason for this? Is there any life outside of our earth?!”

You’ll see, all of you “have to remember” today’s lesson even in many, many years…

If someone doesn’t like my blog entry, try to write a better one :)

Yours Conny


lesson of 14th October

After the morning prayer chosen by Carina, Mr. Ringeisen told us something about his criteria for the assessment of our news item presentations today. Apart from the pronunciation, he also pays attention to grammar and how to make the item interesting for the class.
Then it was Melanie’s and Elisabeth’s turn to do their news item presentation about music which can be downloaded legally - or illegally. They explained the effects of illegal downloading and gave a list of some legal download sites to the class at the end.
The following minutes, we got a handout with questions on the short story "The Invisible Japanese Gentlemen", which we had to prepare for today’s lesson. We answered those questions about the content and read out some stylistic devices, like similes and metaphors, and discussed their effect in the context. On the worksheet, there were also the expected results for us to read at home.
After a short break, the teacher gave us the explanations for some unknown vocabulary of the song "There Are Bad Times Just Around The Corner" by Noel Coward. We listened to that song and, personally, I thought that the text with lots of sad and negative expressions doesn’t fit at all to the happy melody and the funny voices of the singers. But perhaps, this is exactly what makes the song so fascinating...
All in all, it was again a well-prepared lesson which gave us additional information for our freetime ;-)


Invisible English Questions

For those of you who look at the blog from time to time, here are the questions that went with the Graham Greene short story "The Invisible Japanese Gentlemen". I used the story (and these questions) for a first Schulaufgabe four years ago.
If you click here, you should get to the questions:

See you tomorrow.



Good afternoon to all!

In our English lesson today we first listened to a very interesting news item presentation from Marina and Johanna. They told us a lot about the volcano Mount St. Helens, which got active again in the last few days. I found it good of them to show us where this volcano actually is, and I hadn’t known about the "ring of fire" before. It was easy to understand how a volcano "works" because Johanna drew a nice picture on the board.

After this, we talked about our homework and got a sheet with solutions, so everyone could compare the right solutions to the answers she had written.

Then we had a short look in our book, where there are lots of things explained (like "what is a metaphor" etc). This will be important for our Schulaufgabe.

As it was only a "normal" (single) lesson, time was up very soon. :-)

Enjoy your evening!




just for fun

good evening everybody!
as i was not able to join the blogger, i was finally signed in by mr ringeisen. merci bien! *g*
in my opinion the internet is a nice thing but should not spent too much time for it. sitting in front of a computer may be quite interesting but it can also drive you crazy. :-( i'm the best example for it.....
well, that's enough

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Ladies and Gentlemen

I'm so glad to be here today because this dream finally became true: I can proudly say that I managed to log in to the blogsystem. You can believe me, it's a great honour for me to work with you.
First of all, I want to thank my Mum and my Dad for buying me a computer. Special thanks go also to Johanna and Melanie for giving me advice with the system. Thank you, Mr. Ringeisen for sending me lots of invitation mails. And, last but not least: I want to say hello to my sister who always blocks the computer when I want to work with it.

Thank you so much!

Surfing on the Internet

Today, it was a really interesting and relaxing lesson because we were in the computer room. In my opinion, such an English lesson is really cool. It’s very informative and it’s different to our “normal” lessons.
Well, now I want to tell you something about today:

<>First, we listened to Victoria’s presentation about American football. It was well-prepared and very informative. Victoria explained the rules and the scoring system etc. Now it’s much easier to understand the whole game... :-) I think, it was a very good presentation because there were a lot of transparencies; in the pictures you could see players or the field etc. So it was easy to imagine the game. Furthermore, Victoria had a good pronunciation.

Afterwards, we went to www.langenscheidt.de/linkfinder and everybody read a text she was interested in. (Some read about Internet voting, some about the history of the American flag..) That task was really cool because we could choose a homepage we fancied.

At the end of the lesson, we watched the debate of John F. Kerry and George W. Bush. It was interesting to see how the politicans tried to convince the Americans to vote for them.
I think, it was very hard to understand Bush. He had such a bad slang… :-)

Well, in my opinion it was a cool lesson today! We should regularly use the computer… :-)

<>Have a nice afternoon!

See you tomorrow!


Trouble with pronunciation

At the beginning of our English lesson today, Mr. Ringeisen explained to us how to sign in and now, I think, we´re all able to write a contribution, even me. Then I suggested that volunteers should write contributions. I think this is best, because thus you can write it if you´ve got enough time.
After that, Carolin and Cornelia presented their news item. I think it was very clever of the two girls to choose such a totally different subject. Ann-Kathrin and I told you something about the electoral system of the United States of America and so the class doesn´t have to listen to similar things every lesson. Besides, I think, Richard Avedon must have been a fascinating photographer. Although he had access to very important persons, he didn´t forget people who need help and he also spent money for charities.
Then Mr. Ringeisen corrected some pronunciation points and told us to pay attention to this aspect, particularly how to stress words in the right way. I think, we all have more or less problems with pronunciation. Especially the word "interesting", which is stressed on the "in", causes trouble, Mr. Ringeisen had to explain it, I think, for the fifth time.
We talked about our homework and about the short story. While we were correcting the homework, there was again a problem with pronunciation. This time it was the difference between British English and American English.
After solving the problem, we received papers about how to analyse a text.
At the end of the lesson, we got our new English books. I think, they´re a bit heavy to carry, but we will do it.
Now I will finish my contribution by wishing you a nice evening.


Murder in the Dark and Translation in the Light (4 Oct)

Today we first got a news item presentation by Ann-Kathrin and Maria. They gave us a rather detailed introduction to the American presidential elections. What I liked is that they explained a lot: the political parties, their symbols and ideological trends; the fact that the president is elected by the electoral college; and the biographical backgrounds of the two major candidates, Bush and Kerry.
Although Mr. Ringeisen afterwards mentioned a few words which were mispronounced, I was impressed by Maria's and Ann-Kathrin's fluency and good pronunciation. And I liked their transparencies as well.

In the second part of the lesson, we finished translating the poem "Not My Best Side" into German. There were a couple of funny passages, where some people had thought that "tail" means 'Taille' in German ... But in general, it was a good exercise and was enjoyed by people who like translating.

Finally, we talked about the short short story we had read at home, "Murder in the Dark" by Margaret Atwood. It seems that most of us found this story easy to read because we had played that game (or a similar version of it) when we were younger, so it was not difficult to follow. - There is a rather tricky passage, however, when the narrator starts a new paragraph saying, "If you like, you can play games with this game" (p. 13, l. 18). And then she transfers the roles of the game to the roles of author/reader/book, or author/critic/reader. In both these cases, the author would be the murderer, and the reader could be either the detective or the victim. After this meta-fictional passage, the final paragraph follows, in which the narrator leaves it open somehow whether she is talking about playing a real game of "Murder in the Dark", as it were, or whether she is talking about her tricky text with which she is trying to carry out her "designs" (p. 13, l. 25) on the reader. This ambivalence becomes even a paradox at the end, when she finishes her text by saying: "by the rules of the game, I must always lie. Now: do you believe me?" (p. 14, ll. 6-7).
I'm not quite sure what to make of this text, quite honestly, because it doesn't seem to have a definite meaning and feels vague, somehow (if you know what I mean).

Oh, and there were a few other things in the lesson as well: We heard about some technical details when signing in at the blog, we saw our teacher's wonderful poetry book (as an example, because we are supposed to get one, too, so we can start writing poems into each other's books), and we heard about some more ALT key sequences for producing long dashes. Fascinating, as usual. ;-)

news item presentation

i think the news item presentation today was very interesting. i've got a lot of informations about the elections!
and i'm very sad that mr. Ringeisen won't be there tomorrow! :)


A lot of problems ;-)

Good evening everybody!

Here I am at last! The hardest thing was to find were to log in after having already joined. Did you have the same difficulies?

I tried to watch the debate video.
The part I was able to see was quite dark in the background.
But John Kerry speaks very slowly, I was surprised.
There's one really annoying thing with my computer:
It needs about 5 minutes to load 1 minute of the video.
But it is interrupted all 6 seconds!
Do you have the same problems???

Good night
Untill tomorrow

Hi everybody!

Hi everybody!

I'm glad to have found the thing to click at my blog so I can write a contribution. Here is it.
I think the short short stories are very good. I found especially the "Murder in the Dark" story interesting and funny because I played it when I was a child.

Good evening and see you tomorrow in school!


Campaign 2004 - The Presidential Debates

As you all know, there are going to be elections for the American presidency on Nov. 2nd.
This week, we had the first televised debate between President George W. Bush and his main opponent, John Kerry. There is a wealth of useful information on the site of the New York Times, e.g. video clips from the debate and articles about how well it went for these two candidates:
The Presidential Debate on Sept 30
Even if you just look at one of the video clips - have a go and try to understand what they are saying. It's exciting to listen to their version of the truth, and to watch how they react (body language, hesitation, choice of vocabulary).