Straight from the horse's mouth ...

Since there actually seem to be a few people around here, I'll give you something to comment on ... and maybe it can serve as a source for inspiration.
It's not what I wrote, but someone (I'll tell you who) sent me this as her idea of what the horse's stanza could be, if UA Fanthorpe had chosen to include its voice in her poem. - What do you think of it?

So what can I say?
I'm supposed to be an instrument
Of this boy’s on my back
Although I'm the real hero
(Or can you see anybody
Except me
Who's strong enough?)
And that little monster in front of me
Is no real adversary
You might say that my neck looks strange,
But that's only all this technical stuff,
There wasn't any room for it in my stomach.
All in all I'm really beautiful -
I'm the most beautiful
In the whole picture anyway.
So let me just do my job quickly
And then go home, because I still have to do
Some cosmetics,
My boyfriend's waiting.


Nanni hat gesagt…

YAY!! I made it! hehe... that's awesome! Hmm ok, I don't know yet if I really made it, but I'm pretty sure I did :) I will see in a few seconds... Well, I just wanted to “feel” writing a comment. *lol*

See you tomorrow in class. Have a nice evening!

Bye bye

Nanni hat gesagt…

I'm sorry Mr. Ringeisen! I didn't know how it works, so I tried to puplish something as a comment. But it didn't work very well. I mean, that the others can read it as a normal “letter” (I don't know how you call it) :) Well, sorry again for my silly comment! Good bye

rip hat gesagt…

You did write a comment ... but you didn't comment ;-) (if you know what I mean).
But don't feel pushed. I'll let you enjoy the triumphant feeling of having managed to enter your first comment here without nagging too much about *what* you wrote.
If you come back later, perhaps you can say something about what the horse says above?
Thanks for posting anyway!

Ina hat gesagt…

This stanza is very good and funny.
Who wrote it?
You wrote that you would tell us.

rip hat gesagt…

Thanks for your comment, Ina - I just wanted somebody to say something about the text *before* I said who wrote it.
Well, I thought one could say a few more things about it, but here's the author's name: This text was written by Johanna.
Maybe someone can write what she finds particularly original about it, or what details she finds funny ...