Introduce yourself!

As I am the only one who created a profile on this site I thought it would be nice if you write something about yourselves, too.
You know, your hobbies, what you like very much or what you don't like, etc.
Then we can get to know each other better.

So, to the people of the geography LK: Have a nice time!
To the others: See you in school!

Good night!

PS.: Here are some pics that I like very much:


Hannerl hat gesagt…

Hey Ina!what's the thing with the profile??I tried to think of something that you did but I have no idea, so could you please tell me?
I also wanted to say that I liked your News Item Presentation, but I never thought that it would be that difficult to understand somebody else than your teacher talking in english about facts and numbers.
See you on moday!Johanna

Ina hat gesagt…

If you click on my name in the list with the contributers, then you can see my profile: my interests, favourite music, favourite books, favourite films, etc.
Just click on my name and it will open!

And thanks because of your comment on our presentation!

Greetings from me

rip hat gesagt…

... and if you click on your *own* name, then you'll get to your profile and you'll see a blue field labeled "Edit Your Profile" -> click it, and you'll be able to change the "profile" page.
After you've entered something, don't forget to scroll right down to the bottom of that page, where it says "Save Profile", and click there - otherwise all your changes will disappear.

Good luck, and a pleasant weekend,

rip hat gesagt…

Good job, Ina! The new headline is much more informative. :-)

Ina hat gesagt…

It would be nice if you would answer!
It's just to get to know each other a little bit better!