good evening!

please don't be surprised about my username, but i tried ten times untill finding that one. i wish you all a wonderfull friday(we'll go hiking :) ) and weekend! i hope the short short stories will be interesting!
see you all next week!

yours Melanie


janinchen hat gesagt…

i hope you will have fun this weekend... *g*

see you on monday!!

janinchen hat gesagt…


i hope you will have a great weekend...

see you on monday!

Kloane hat gesagt…


Of course we will have a great weekend, won´ t we Melanie?! ;) We will climb the highest mountains and cross the biggest crevasses. And after that heroic achievement we all will be exhausted and have aching muscles. And on Monday Janina, you have to feel sorry for us (carry our bags, open the doors for us, read the short short stories to us...) ;)
I´ m just kidding. Forget what I wrote. The only thing I want to tell is: Have a nice friday :) a nice weekend and see you on Monday...

Bye Conny