Ahhhhaaa here we are... I wrote a comment to someone else. *lol* I don't know. Whomever I annoyed, I'm sorry for that! :) I hope it will work this time and you can read what I wrote!? Weeeeell, I just wanted to say hello ... HELLO! ... :)

Have a nice evening! See you tomorrow in class

Bye bye

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rip hat gesagt…

Right-ho: That's the spirit!
I'm grateful for your contribution because this is (almost) what I'd like to see here: Some kind of on-going conversation. There is not really enough time for everybody to speak enough in class, and if we can get a little exchange of opinions going here on the blog, it would provide you with some more practice ... plus, as I've said more than once, it would help me to react better to your interests and needs.