Introduce yourself!

As I am the only one who created a profile on this site I thought it would be nice if you write something about yourselves, too.
You know, your hobbies, what you like very much or what you don't like, etc.
Then we can get to know each other better.

So, to the people of the geography LK: Have a nice time!
To the others: See you in school!

Good night!

PS.: Here are some pics that I like very much:

hi everybody!!

well, now I´m also a blog user and so I want to say " hello" to all of you!
I think that all the internet stuff for our english-lk is really cool...

have a great weekend! :-)


good evening!

please don't be surprised about my username, but i tried ten times untill finding that one. i wish you all a wonderfull friday(we'll go hiking :) ) and weekend! i hope the short short stories will be interesting!
see you all next week!

yours Melanie



Ahhhhaaa here we are... I wrote a comment to someone else. *lol* I don't know. Whomever I annoyed, I'm sorry for that! :) I hope it will work this time and you can read what I wrote!? Weeeeell, I just wanted to say hello ... HELLO! ... :)

Have a nice evening! See you tomorrow in class

Bye bye


Straight from the horse's mouth ...

Since there actually seem to be a few people around here, I'll give you something to comment on ... and maybe it can serve as a source for inspiration.
It's not what I wrote, but someone (I'll tell you who) sent me this as her idea of what the horse's stanza could be, if UA Fanthorpe had chosen to include its voice in her poem. - What do you think of it?

So what can I say?
I'm supposed to be an instrument
Of this boy’s on my back
Although I'm the real hero
(Or can you see anybody
Except me
Who's strong enough?)
And that little monster in front of me
Is no real adversary
You might say that my neck looks strange,
But that's only all this technical stuff,
There wasn't any room for it in my stomach.
All in all I'm really beautiful -
I'm the most beautiful
In the whole picture anyway.
So let me just do my job quickly
And then go home, because I still have to do
Some cosmetics,
My boyfriend's waiting.


also registered

Well - now I´m also registered!

I´m really looking forward to the interview we´ll listen to next week, as my computer wasn´t able to open this file.

See you all next week


I just created my blog and I'm really happy that it works now.Thank you again Mr Ringeisen, have a nice weekend!See you on monday!Johanna


Interview with UA Fanthorpe (poet)

Hi all,

The interview I told you about this morning can be accessed at the following address (it only works if RealAudio player is installed on your computer - if you're not sure, just click the link anyway; your computer will tell you if it doesn't know what to do with this sound file):
Interview/Ursula A. Fanthorpe

In case you don't know what I'm talking about: I'm sure you remember the lesson about the George & Dragon myth; the poet who wrote the poem about the Uccello painting is UA Fanthorpe.

If you should not manage to listen to the interview, don't worry - I'll bring it along to next week's lesson.




Dear ELKs,
Welcome to our own little place on the web.

I hope that many of you will make use of this opportunity to comment on the topics and progress of our course, and that there will be loads of useful, serious, funny, strange and beautiful contributions.

Let's get at it :-)